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Women+ with money have more choices and louder voices

Hey! We're Britt & Laurie-Anne. 

We're on a mission to empower and educate women+ so that they can use their money for good in the world. 

But here's the thing... 

47% of Americans carry credit card debt.

Worse than that?

69% of people with credit card debt feel ashamed of their debt.

So first things first! 

We’ve got to address debt head-on, and the shame that comes with it, before we can financially empower women+ around the world. 

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In just 2 months I paid off $8,000 of credit card debt and started saving money for the first time ever!

Veronica G. • Yoga Instructor

I am now COMPLETELY debt free!! 

Rachel B. • Lawyer

Once you tackle your debt, you’ll be on your way to building wealth and getting your money to work for you instead of against you

So let’s get to it! 

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Ready for financial peace of mind?

I paid off $30,000 of debt in 6 months! It feels so good to have my finances back under control.

Jenn L. • Tech Ops

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