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Unlearning Money: 

How to Rewrite Your Money Story

Learn how Laurie-Anne went from a story full of debt and uncertainty to one of financial success and empowerment. She’ll teach you her proven strategies to do the same – even if you’re starting fresh! 

Join us to unlearn your financial limitations and step into a new era of abundance in this free Masterclass!

Forget what you know about money. It's time to rewrite your story.

Hi! We're Laurie-Anne & Britt 👋

All your life, you’ve absorbed damaging ideas about money.

“Money is evil.”

“People with debt are irresponsible.”

“Only greedy people want to be rich.”

These beliefs and the negative relationship with money they’ve created have gotten in the way of your financial peace and success.

You can’t transform your finances until you transform your mind. 

After all, your mindset shapes your habits and behaviors, which determine your financial future.

But now, it’s time to take control.

It’s time to challenge your assumptions and demolish self-sabotaging money myths so that you can hit a mental “reset” button and start developing a healthier, more positive relationship to money.

Because until you do, the budgets will never stick, managing your debt will be overwhelming, and you'll never passively grow money the way you want to. 

Before you can build financial security, you need to unlearn everything you think you know about money, freeing yourself for a new era of peace and financial confidence...

...that you can step into with our "Aligned Money Method" -- a simple system for managing and growing money that has helped thousands of women+ transform their financial futures.

We're giving away our bag of (almost totally non-technical) tricks that will show you exactly how to get your finances under control.

If you're serious about achieving financial security... learn these 5 steps, implement them in your life and watch your relationship with money soar!

The Aligned Money Method

Join us to unlearn your financial limitations and step into a new era of abundance in this free Masterclass!

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Dow Janes is in alignment with who I amThe way they explain topics, the tools, and the structure was a complete approach to exactly what I needed.

Lilly W.

Danielle P.

By learning how to track my finances, I now have total financial clarity and peace of mind.

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