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Send your credit score through the roof.
Download our step-by-step checklist to build your credit from 0 to 800 in weeks.

This checklist includes:

+ Motivation to stay focused on your financial goals

7 steps to improve your credit score

Reminders to check in with yourself & encouragement from your financial BFFs

Your credit score is *kind of* a big deal...

Insurers check your credit score to set premiums for auto and homeowner coverage. Landlords (or ladies) use them to determine who gets the apartment. They dictate who gets the best cell phone plans and who has to make bigger utility deposits.

That's why we're laying out all of our credit-boosting tricks in an easy-to-follow checklist.

When I first moved to America, my credit score was a big, fat 0. But once I started working on my finances, it didn't take long to build a credit score that allowed me to buy my first investment property.

In this checklist, I'm spilling my tried-and-true secrets on how to build a credit score higher than Alicia Keys belting "Girl on Fire." (Plus some encouragement to keep chasing your financial goals. You got this, babe 👏👏👏)

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