If you had a step-by-step system to manage your money AND grow your wealth with complete clarity and confidence…

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I joined because it was time to rewrite the story of scarcity and victimhood that I had carried with me since childhood about money. I was ready to be an example for my 9-year-old son.

I am blown away. I've gone from $8,000 in credit card debt to now having $0 in credit card debt! I have savings for the first time in my life.

Veronica, Yoga Instructor


12 payments of





1 payment of

Being shut out of the money conversation has left most women+ with no savings, few healthy money habits... and virtually no knowledge of how to invest wisely to grow their money — something men do far more frequently than women+. It's time to change things!


Would you be ready to make this year THE year you gained the financial education that leads to complete financial freedom?


When women+ have more opportunities, they have more power. 

And while we have more financial opportunities than ever before... 

We’re still playing a big game of catch-up when it comes to equality.

Right now, in 2021:

→  Women are 5 times more likely than men to live paycheck to paycheck...

→  Nearly 70% of Millennial women don’t save money because they’re only earning enough to get by...

→  While 60% of Gen X women have less than $1,000 in savings...

→  On top of that, women graduate with more student debt than men and are paid less on average...

→  Leaving us to invest later and less often in life, and making it 80% more likely that we’ll be in poverty when we retire....

→ Women+, on average, earn 20% less than men for doing the same job...

→ And on top of all of that, women+ of color face generations of oppressive systems specifically put in place to keep them at a financial disadvantage

BUT, when women+ have wealth... good things happen:

→ We have more power & influence over political systems in desperate need of change...

→ We create generational wealth for our children and our children’s children…

→ We give back MORE to their communities than their male counterparts...

→ We support environmentally sustainable companies and practices...

→ We invest in companies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion, environmental protection, and positive social change...

→ We have the opportunity to shape our future and the world we collectively live in...

Like that time you accidentally opened that little square app that holds your credit card statement (when you actually meant to open up your feel-good Spotify playlist)…

Only to see that you’ve blindly spent $600 last month on Amazon impulses you’d already forgotten about. (Where did I put that Instant Pot?)   

You’d probably see the same thing the month before that, and the month before that. (Probably...but you’ll never know because you prefer the ostrich approach when it comes to those numbers.)

And even though this is business as usual for you, you can’t help but feel that sinking feeling in your gut, like you’re doing something wrong…

It doesn’t make sense…

You followed “the plan” (you know, the one your parents pushed since you were a little kid). 

You spent years sitting in lecture halls–you earned that expensive piece of paper you have in a frame. 

You pay all your bills on time (Well, autopay does. You prefer the “set it & forget it” approach when it comes to expenses).

And even though you’ve done everything “right...” 

taking care of your money still feels so damn confusing & scary

College-aged-you assumed adults just automatically got their finances together one day. 

So you thought by now you’d be planning that 2-week Hawaiian getaway, and making the oooh so hard decision between classic subway tile or marble penny tile for your dream bathroom. 

But instead…

Here you are, avoiding the Capital One app on your phone because for some reason, NOT knowing feels safer than knowing.

And honestly, it’s a little embarrassing.

Obviously you missed something because all of your friends already have this money stuff figured out. (Or at least it seems that way, but you never talk about it with them. So there’s no way to really know.)

And even with a steady job, there’s still never any extra money at the end of the month to put into your savings account. Or even better, your investment accounts.

And retirement??...That’s so far from your mind that it feels like someone else’s problem. 

With the amount of care & planning you’ve put into building your life so far, you deserve to live in a place of financial freedom.

And here you are, over a decade into your professional life with nothing to show for it, still as overwhelmed by your personal finances as you’ve ever been…

You should be in control of your finances. But where do you start? 

HOW do you start?

As an intelligent woman+ with a stable job, you DESERVE to...

...pay off your debts (gooooodbye auto loans & Sallie Mae)

...have enough money to cover any unexpected expense that comes up with the simple swipe of a debit card (like finding out you need brand-new tires last month)

...invest in the stock market, and add to your portfolio on a regular basis (That’s what people do. Right??)

...know exactly how much money you can save in a year (how much do “normal” people save? $500...$5,000…$50,000?? 🤷)

...confidently manage your own finances each month (or at least know the difference between an HSA and a IRA) 

...actively work towards those big “grown-up” goals (will you ever be able to buy a house??)

6 Intimidating Myths Most Women+ Believe About Their Money

#1 Money management is complicated, confusing, & stressful.

It’s easy to build up scary narratives about things we don’t understand. 

The truth is, there are just a few simple systems for budgeting, spending, saving, and investing. All you have to do is learn them.

Once you understand those systems, taking care of your money becomes as routine as brushing your teeth (only a lot more fun!).

(We firmly believe that taking care of your money should be fun and enjoyable! We structure these “habits” in a way that gets you excited to sit down and look at your week. Almost like a day at the spa...only way more profitable.)

#2 Good people don’t want to be rich.

Most of us have grown up with some pretty negative associations with money…

“Money is the root of all evil...”

“He was filthy rich...”

Wolf of Wall Street, anyone?...

Not to mention countless stories of men in power doing unethical & harmful things with their money...Jeffrey Epstein, the Koch brothers, Bernie Madoff, Martin Shkreli, Donald Trump...

How is anyone supposed to think that wealth is a good thing when you’re surrounded with those messages?

The truth is, money gives you opportunities to shape the world you want to live in and create a better future for yourself and your children. 

You will still be an empathetic, compassionate, and generous person with or without money. 

But it’s a whole lot easier to create the kind of world you want to live in when you have money.

#3 My partner takes care of our family’s finances, so I don’t need to be financially literate.

My partner takes care of our family’s finances, so I don’t need to be financially literate.

Oooooh, do I understand that. Laurie Anne here 👋, and yeah...that’s what I thought too. 

I grew up in a family with very little in the way of financial resources or literacy. 

So when I married into a financially savvy family, I had it maaaade. I trusted my husband fully...so I thought I was off the hook when it came to our money. (Spoiler: I was wrong.)

I had big goals for myself & the businesses I run. And I had big dreams for our family’s future (hellooooo investment property)...but without a baseline understanding of how to budget, save, spend, and invest...I was pretty powerless when it came to making those dreams happen.

And because we weren’t on the same page (because I wasn’t even reading the book), our conversations about money were less than healthy or productive. 

But, once we BOTH had the knowledge and the tools to make informed decisions with our money, we were able to do big things as individuals—and as a family. (Like building my dream house, growing a 7-figure business, and owning our first rental property!)  

#4 Talking about money (and gasp, salaries!) is rude and improper 

It sure feels that way since most conversations about money are uncomfortably whispered behind closed doors.

The funny thing is, most men freely talk about money all the time. 

Men grow up learning how to “take care of their family.”

It’s no secret that the majority of people sitting around the boardroom are still men...and they’re alllll talking about money.

When women+ don’t talk about their money, they have no perspective. So they’re left feeling alone and ashamed about their financial situation.

You talk with your best friends about all sorts of personal things, right? 

You tell them about the totally cringeworthy things your toddler says, about the kinda-sorta crush you have on the butcher at Whole Foods, and about the time you left the gym early because a burrito before a workout was a spectacularly bad idea... 

➡️  But you don’t talk about how much money you make. Or, better yet, how much money you want to make. 

➡️  You don’t talk about credit card interest rates when you’re not sure if yours are too high. 

➡️  You don’t talk about how to increase your credit score so you can buy a rental property one day. 

What you need is a safe community to show up in, share your struggles, ask your questions, and celebrate your wins. Together.

The more we normalize conversations around money, the more freedom women+ have to make powerful decisions with their money.

#5 You have to be a numbers person. Sure, I can add and subtract numbers, but interest rates, loans, the stock market??? I left my TI-83 calculator back in high school, thank you very much.

Well...yes and no. 

Yes, there are a lot of numbers when it comes to managing your money (which is why we’ve created plug n’ play calculators for you). 

But no, it’s not just about numbers.

All of us bring emotions, past experiences, habits, and values into our relationship with money. 

When you do the work you need to uncover the associations that aren’t serving you, you free yourself up from the fear & anxiety of money management.

Then, all of a sudden the “numbers” don’t seem so scary anymore. Because they no longer hold meaning about you as a person, they’re simply numbers. And numbers don’t have emotions.

And when it’s just math, the only thing you need to become a “numbers” person are the spreadsheets & calculators we have, just waiting for you to download.

#6 You have to be rich before you start investing.

No. Nope. And nuh-uh. 

We don’t encourage you to start investing until you’ve paid off your high-interest-rate debt, BUT we have helped women+ of all income levels, economic statuses, and circumstances save, invest, and GROW wealth. Right where they are.

If you make money, you can save & grow your money, safely & securely.

Getting control of your money means getting control of your life


Chances are, if you’ve made it this far, you’re all in on the idea of taking control of your finances to create the life you want.

But you may not know that “manage my money” isn’t just one single overwhelming line item on your to-do list. 

This kind of dream house, vacations in Tuscany, zero CC debt, money growing on auto-pilot financial freedom comes from a proven 3-step path.

First you have to lay a new financial foundation…

Then you create new money management systems & practices 

Then you can grow your wealth

And when you do that, you now have the ability to save yourself from...

→ Losing thousands of dollars to credit card companies, unnecessary expenses, and overspending

→ Wasting hundreds of confusing, frustrating hours as you do the mental gymnastics of trying to punch numbers into a free app

→ Missing out on dozens and dozens of opportunities to exponentially grow your money

With just a few simple systems & tools, you have everything you need to save hundreds of dollars to build millions (even if you don’t have a 6-figure salary).

Sound too good to be true?

Saving $600 per month at a 1% return over 35 years = $23,722

Saving only $400 per month using the Aligned Money Method over 35 years = $1,053,581


Hi there! I’m Laurie-Anne

I'm a financial empowerment coach & energy healer who has helped thousands of women+ transform their lives.

As a serial creative & entrepreneur, I’ve been able to pay off $60k in personal debt AND grow two 7-figure companies from the ground up.

“Wealth” didn’t feel like an option for my family as a kid. I just felt like we were “too poor to have things we wanted.” I grew up believing that money = bad. 

After using the same methods we teach inside the Million Dollar Year to heal my relationship to money and gain control of my finances, I now own my dream home as well as other properties that provide me and my family with passive income. 

I believe in using my personal experience to elevate women+ from all walks of life into prosperity through a holistic approach of financial education and empowerment coaching. I love helping women+ heal their money story and find a personalized path to financial freedom.

We love working together! We’re best friends, and it’s our life’s work to build a safe, nonjudgmental community where women+ can freely learn about, talk about, and get control over their money. 

Before Dow Janes, my income was decent, but I had zero visibility over whether I was actually saving money or how much. I was way too overwhelmed by the prospect of budgeting, and honestly too scared to even look at what my fixed costs and spending habits were. I had tried apps like Mint, but never felt they were personalized enough to help me with my specific hang-ups. Thanks to Dow Janes, I was FINALLY able to take those steps. I've since quit my job and taken a dramatic pay cut to pursue my dream of starting a restaurant. And in spite of my reduced income, I have so much more confidence to know I can budget effectively and make it workand I'm doing what I love!! I'm so grateful to Dow Janes and the community of women+ it introduced me to! 


I have been a part of the Million Dollar Year for six months now, and it has had a huge impact on my life. It has totally changed my habits and my outlook on money. It has removed this stress and anxiety. As an independent woman, I can care for myself, no matter what happens. It is so freeing.

LaurenLuxury Trip Designer 

"What drew me to the Million Dollar Year was its curriculum with a feminine focus—it really spoke to me. From the start, instead of a focus on the numbers, it had me first look at my relationship with money. It was really eye-opening and inspirational. The step-by-step instruction had me looking at my finances in an organized and understandable way. It's never too late to be empowered by your finances. Now, I am excited and inspired about my financial future and I plan on making an even greater contribution to the world." 

Maureen, Data Manager

Women+ with money have more choices louder voices


Develop the skills & habits to spend thoughtfully, save systematically, & invest confidently.

A year-long real-time implementation & coaching program to give you the skills & tools you need to rewrite your financial future


You'll have access to dedicated financial and investment coaches in the community to make sure no question goes unanswered and no step feels uncertain.

You'll also have access to LIVE weekly group calls with a Financial Coach to get real-time coaching, feedback, and answers to your tricky financial questions.


We’re all about spelling out the simple action steps you need to take in order to move towards financial freedom. But the reality is, the number one thing that determines your success in this program is YOU.

That’s why we focus on healing your money story, reframing your financial narrative, and helping you become the person you want to be in the world.


A safe, non-judgmental community of like-minded women+ on the same journey as you. You’ll have an open forum to confidentially share your struggles, ask your questions, and most importantly, celebrate your wins.

You’ll have an opportunity to find an accountability buddy so you’ll never again wonder if you’re in this alone.

Inside the Million Dollar Year you have access to financial coaches for real-time support, action steps, advice, and accountability.

Each week, for the entire year, we (Laurie Anne & Britt) host LIVE Group Coaching Calls so you can ask your specific questions, work through your roadblocks, & learn from your fellow students.

Gentle and nonjudgmental accountability is infused into every step of this process. We understand that everyone's journey is different and everyone has unique challenges & achievements. 

No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll have financial coaches to cheer you on as you move towards your goals.

Meet Your Coaches

This comprehensive & holistic curriculum is designed to help you reinvent your financial future through 3 simple, actionable phases.

Phase 1: Build a New Financial Foundation

In this first phase, we’ll coach you through the simple & fun (we promise!) process of building your new financial foundation—even if you're a total beginner.


→  Lay the groundwork for a brand new financial system that’ll completely transform your financial habits, your confidence with money, and your financial literacy skills. 

→ Get crystal clear on your financial reality 

→ Heal your relationship with money 

→ And take the first step toward good habits by creating a weekly money ritual that you actually look forward to. 

It’s like taking a bubble bath...but for your money

This will allow you to start looking at your numbers with clarity & confidence. 

By the time you’re finished with Phase 1, you’ll have created your sustainable healthy money habits, tracked your monthly spending so you know exactly where your money is going, & taken a current financial snapshot, so you can start building the road towards a new financial future.

You’ll get:

  • Expense Audit Cheat Sheet so you can get a bird’s-eye-view of your bills and expenses. 

  • Spend Less than You Make Formula so you can calculate what you’re bringing in and what you’re spending.

  • Pay Off High-Interest Debt Plan to finally make a plan to pay off your high-interest debt.

  • Save to Invest Method to calculate exactly how much you should save to put toward future investments. 

  • Pay-Yourself-First System to make saving easy and automatic. 

  • Budgeting & Savings Finder Spreadsheet to make crunching monthly numbers and setting up a budget easier than ever.  

  • Living in Alignment with Your Values Workbook so you can achieve clarity on how to use money in alignment with your personal core values.

Phase 2: Money Management Systems

Now that you’ve done the courageous work of healing your relationship to money, actually dealing with the numbers feels easy!

And this means, setting up new money systems so you can reach your goals…on autopilot. 

In this next stage, you’ll:

→ Get clear on your short & long-term financial goals and exactly how to achieve them 

→ Start paying yourself first with new automated savings systems (the fail-proof way to grow your savings!)

→ Implement a simple, goals-based monthly budget that keeps you on track to reach your goals (without giving up your favorite splurges)

Once your new savings & budgeting systems are up and running, you’ll be able to make empowered decisions to spend your money more intentionally. 

Because money is powerful, if you use it wisely 

By the time you’re done with this phase, you’ll get clear on your financial goals, set up the systems you need to make them happen, and make small but mighty changes to your spending habits so you’re enjoying life in a way that’s aligned with your core values.

You’ll get:

  • Money Ritual Workbook so you can create an enjoyable money habit

  • Weekly Money Ritual Checklist to set yourself up for consistent success

  • Uncovering Your Money Past Workbook to start the process of healing your money story

  • Personal Cash Flow Tracker so you can easily track every dollar coming in and going out

  • Financial Snapshot Worksheet so you can get an accurate picture of exactly where you are today

And more!

Phase 3: Your Future & Building Wealth

You, my friend, are well on your way to a new financial future. Because you’ve already built a new financial foundation and set up the money management systems that are absolutely essential to taking control of your finances. 

In Phase 3, you’ll:

→  Create a clear & actionable financial plan to build your emergency fund, plan for retirement and start investing

→ Learn how credit scores are calculated and how to improve yours now

→ Develop the mindset of an investor and learn to invest your money so it can grow passively. 

The cherry on top? We’ll teach you how to create a philanthropic plan to give back to your community or support a cause you believe in. 

Break out the champagne glasses and the confetti balloons; that’s something to celebrate.

In Phase 3, you’ll get:

  • Save an Emergency Fund Action Plan so you can build an emergency fund and be prepared for unexpected emergencies or expenses. 

  • Understanding Debt & Credit to get clear on how some kinds of debt are better than others (and to find out what kind of debt yours is!)

  • Healthy Credit Score Checklist so you understand how to increase your credit score

  • Plan for Retirement Workbook & Calculator to set yourself up for your ideal retirement life right now

  • Create Your Investment Plan so you have a concrete plan to invest your money and start building wealth

  • Create Your Philanthropic Plan so you can create a plan to give back to your community, a movement that you believe in, or a cause that inspires you

Even with a comprehensive curriculum & plenty of support, we know that sometimes you just need an immediate solution to an immediate problem.

From the moment you log into the Million Dollar Year, you’ll be greeted with hundreds of women+ just like you.

In our secure & confidential forums you’ll have an opportunity to ask a coach your questions, network with other students in the program, and just share your weekly journey through the program.

With this amazing engaged group of women+ on their journey to financial freedom, you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone again!

Private Students-Only Community

Talking finances with your partner can feel uncomfortable. In this bonus workshop, you’ll learn how to have healthy, productive conversations with your partner about finances, so you can understand your individual money stories, come to an agreement about your spending priorities, and review your financial snapshots together. 

You can even watch it together to kick off your first conversation (and that way, you don’t have to bring the topic up all on your own).

You’ll also learn how to combine finances with your partner, if you choose to, so you can set goals and plan for your future together. 

Finances in a Partnership

Personal finances and business finances are not the same thing. Navigating business finances is tricky, especially if your business income fluctuates (as it does for most entrepreneurs). In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll get ALL the tools you need to create financial stability for your business. 

No matter what type of business you own and no matter how big or small your team is, if you own a business, this training is for you. We’ll cover how business finances are different from personal finances, how to create a stable personal income even if business revenues fluctuate, how to assess the financial health of your business, and exactly what to focus on to increase your income now.

Entrepreneur Tool Kit: Mastering Business Finances

Negotiating your value is a part of life, even though most women+ would rather wax their own eyebrows than negotiate with another person.

In this mini-course bonus, you’ll address your fear of negotiating, learn how to navigate daily negotiations, and learn how to handle bigger-deal negotiations so you can always communicate your value and worth clearly and effectively to earn what you deserve. 

You’ll also get instant access to 4 simple scripts for dealing with sticky situations so you never feel uncomfortable discussing fees, requesting a lower APR, asking for a raise, or negotiating your salary. 

Negotiations 101 Mini-Course

HGTV binges got you dreaming about having a rental property, but you don’t know where to start? 

In this workshop we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the difference between active and passive real estate investing, and how to tell if real estate investing is for you. We’ll show you the exact steps to take to prepare for real estate investing so you can build wealth with property even if you’ve never done it before.

Real Estate 101

Fear keeps us frozen in a storm of stress and anxiety. When you have a positive relationship with money you’re able to make decisions confidently and boldly.

If you have fears about money (you probably do), you need to address them before you can make your money work for you. In this training, you’ll not only uncover your specific financial fears, you’ll make a game plan to address them, so that checking your balance becomes a thrilling habit, not a terrifying one. 

Addressing Financial Fears Training


Action-based, step-by-step trainings & resources you need to confidently create the systems & habits that let you budget, save, invest, & grow your money.

Our signature curriculum is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about your money. You’ll never have to google “how to make a budget” again.

I purchased my first home!

McKynlee, Recruiter




The Million Dollar Year is a comprehensive program for women+ who are committed to learning how to save money, manage their finances, and build wealth. 

When you join, you'll be a part of our one-of-a-kind group of women+ on a mission to take control of their financial health. 

We’re so confident in this program and our students that if, one year after completing your Million Dollar Year, you have not saved at least twice what you paid for it – we'll give you your money back.

Our hope is that your life is forever transformed through the skills you developed through this training. We also hope you give it your very best effort. That’s why in order to be eligible for our double your investment back satisfaction guarantee, we want to be sure that you did the course work. If you do the full coursework and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, simply submit your work and we’ll promptly refund your fee. 

I paid off $8,000 of high interest credit card debt in just 2 months!

Veronica, Yoga Instructor

I invested for the first time and earned 10% totally passively.

Ella, Self Employed

This has allowed my husband and I to finally plan for our future!

Lela, Artist

This is the BEST investment I've made in years.

Averie, Public Health

I feel brave and confident making decisions about money.

Cate, Library Administrator

I raised my credit score from 500 to 741!

Maryann, Homemaker

I am officially past the halfway mark to my first $1M!

Angela, Self-Employed

After 3 months, I am completely debt free!

Rachel, Lawyer

Drop-Down Menus

Yet, we still find ourselves...

 Spending unconsciously.

Avoiding our numbers. 

Missing out on growth potential. 

Leaving us feeling limited & trapped. 


Here's what some of our clients have to say...

I AM IN!Build A New Foundation

Hi! I’m Britt! 

I’m a Harvard Business School graduate, expert investor, and money mindset & investment coach. 

It’s my mission to make saving fun (seriously!) and getting out of debt possible for women+ of all backgrounds and life experiences. 

I believe in keeping personal finance simple through easy to understand steps that make it possible for anyone to achieve their financial dreams.

My story’s a bit of a...nerdy one. My dad taught me about compound interest when I was 8 (not your typical family dinner conversations) and my grandpa taught me to start investing in the stock market when I was a freshman in college. 

Here’s how you’ll set up your brand-new money management systems
Here’s how you’ll plan for your future and start building wealth

Let's talk about your investment...in YOU

So we’re throwing these bonuses into your vault so you can start tackling the challenges standing in your way to financial freedom!

1. I feel like getting control of my finances is going to be…difficult. Can I really do it?2. I’ve never been a numbers person. Can I take control of my finances?3. I’m a beginner. Is the information in the course too advanced for me?4. Do I really need to do this for the whole year?5. How long do I have access to this program?6. I want to invest my money, but isn’t investing risky?7. What if I can’t afford The Million Dollar Year?8. Can you remind me what I get inside of The Million Dollar Year?

Still on the fence? 

We know investing in a program to take control of your finances is a big decision. So we’ve made a quick and dirty list to help you decide if this is your year to save, pay off debt, and start building wealth.

If you read any one of the following and think “Yes! This is ME,” 

then The Million Dollar Year is perfect for you: 

You’ve never taken a look at your finances before, but you’re ready to do it now.

If you’ve been avoiding getting clear on your financial situation because you don’t know where to start, this program will walk you through the exact steps to not only take an accurate snapshot of where you are financially right now but to reach your financial goals—no matter what they are.  

You’ve tried to create a monthly budget or savings routine in the past, but gave up when it got overwhelming. 

Taking control of your finances alone can be difficult.  What you need is a mentor (or two!) who can show you exactly how to build a new financial foundation, set up money management systems to automate your money practices, and make your money work for you. Enter: Britt + Laurie-Anne + The Million Dollar Year.  

You’re tired of guessing where your money is going. 

If you’re tired of spending blindly and just kind of… guessing… where your money is going, this program will change your financial life forever.  You’ll get clear on what you’re spending, where you’re spending it, and how you can change your money behaviors to work FOR you rather than against you. 

You’re ready to reinvent your relationship with money. 

Want a money makeover from the inside out?  We’re here to help you reinvent your relationship with money so you can create positive associations with money and allow it to help you live the life you want. 

You want to have a seat at the money table. 

If you feel like you’ve been shut out of the money conversation, well, it’s because you have been.  The Million Dollar Year is designed to change that by teaching women+ how to navigate their finances and take control of their financial futures.  When you join this program, you’ll be developing the skills to talk money, use money, and invest money wisely. In other words, grab a lemon water and pull up a chair.  There’s room for you at this table. 

You want to stop letting your money control you. 

When you aren’t clear on your spending habits, your saving systems, or your ability to pay off debt, you’re letting your money control you.  But when you learn the skills, practices, and tools to make your money work FOR you, you’re in control.  Join The Million Dollar Year and take control of your future today. 

Investing in this program would be an extreme financial burden for you and your family. 

If investing in The Million Dollar Year feels like something that would add significant stress and uncertainty to your financial life and prevent you from providing for your family, then we suggest putting a plan in place to save up for the course investment over time. We do NOT want this program to take precedence over your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your loved ones. 

You’re looking for a program that is ONLY about money mindset. 

While we do LOTS of mindset work around money in The Million Dollar Year, this program is action-based. We give you all the steps you need to build the knowledge and practices that will change your financial future forever—but it takes a unique combination of mindset AND practical action to make it happen.

You’re looking for a program that is ONLY action-based. 

The Million Dollar Year is designed to get you to take action and see tangible results, but it is also designed to help you dig deep and uncover your subconscious associations with money so you can heal your money mindset and change the way you think about your finances. Mindset work is crucial to making big, long-lasting changes. 

You want a get-rich-quick scheme. 

This program is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. If anything, it’s a get-rich-slow plan that teaches you the habits and practices required to be able to invest money and let it grow passively over time. These are skills that you can use to save money, pay off debt, and build wealth gradually. So while we will help you reduce your expenses and negotiate a raise, if you’re after a big overnight windfall, this program may not be for you.   

This program might NOT be for you if….



Meet the Founders

You can be one of the success stories...

Coach Laurie-Anne  

Financial Empowerment Coach

There’s nothing I love more than helping women+ heal their relationship with money. Tackling your finances head on is holistic work and I’m here to guide you through every step on your journey.

Coach Kat  

Mindset + Accountability Coach

During my Million Dollar Year, I paid off $63K in debt and got invested! I love coaching our members to achieve financial stability and create joyful values-based lives.


Take the Million Dollar Year Challenge 

Once you’re inside The Million Dollar Year, you're going to be introduced to our signature 3-phase curriculum.

This step-by-step action based plan will help you permanently separate yourself from unhealthy money habits and create the financial freedom you’re dreaming about.

Instead, you’ll build a relationship with money that you enjoy, one that’s simple and—dare we say—even fun to keep up with!

But unlike other financial programs (ones created by old-school wealthy men with zero ideas of how women+ think about money) that expect you to follow cookie-cutter advice, intensely paying off debt while sacrificing every comfort you’ve ever enjoyed in life to do so, without a shred of understanding about *why* you’re doing what you’re doing....

Unlike those programs, we’re bringing you a life-changing experience that starts with creating your own personal, healthy financial foundation. 

But you don’t even have to wait months or weeks to see tangible results from The Million Dollar Year.

When you get inside, we triple-dog-dare you to head straight to the Negotiations 101 workshop. 

In less than two hours, you’ll be well-equipped to negotiate a higher salary, lower your monthly bills, and improve the APR on loans you already have (which alone could save you thousands). 

And if you can get those kinds of results in the same amount of time it takes to watch Legally Blonde, just imagine where you’ll be a year from now after completing the program. 

So take a minute to think about how different your finances could be a year from now…

And if you want to be in a place where you have total control over your finances; are actively budgeting, saving, and investing; and can confront anything life throws at you from a place of peace, The Million Dollar Year will get you there.


“The Million Dollar Year is not the "fad diet" of financial wellbeing, with short term gains for strict sacrifice. Instead, it is a program that will teach you how to make real, sustainable improvements in the way you view and interact with money. In the Million Dollar Year, I have found a community of supportive women from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, and I feel I have the support and accountability I need to make progress on my own short and long term financial goals."

Juliette, Baker

“I've been able to raise my income from around $1000 a month to now $4000 a month. And I've been able to pay down my debt. I've also raised my credit score from probably 500 to the time last I checked, it was 741 which is amazing to me! And then I also have actually been able to save money – which feels so good!”

Maryanne, Caretaker

“I've been in the Million Dollar Year for about a month, and it's completely changed my life! The support is amazing. The down and dirty rubber meets the road practicality of it is absolutely what I needed. I recommend it 100%. I've been telling every woman about it because every woman needs to be taught these things.”

Jenn, Tech Ops Analyst




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Good financial decisions now, could 



We don’t believe in white knuckling your way to your own success.

Coach Craig

Registered Financial Advisor

As a registered Investment Advisor, and Laurie-Anne’s husband, I help our members grow their wealth through safe & secure investment opportunities and portfolio design.

Coach Britt 

Investment Coach

My dad taught me to invest when I was 8 years old. And ever since then, I’ve been on a mission to help women+ come up with simple strategies to save and grow their money with ease.

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The $1,000 Month
By enrolling in the Credit Card Cure today, you’ll get access to our entire step-by-step video course The $1,000 Month to help you increase your income by $1,000 a month even if you’re short on time, energy or ideas. This course alone sells for $297 - but when you join this round of the Credit Card Cure, it’s yours for free! For a complete overview of what’s included in The $1,000 Month click here.
(Value $297) Included with the Credit Card Cure
Bonus: 2
Quit Impulse Spending Live Workshop
Ready to stop impulse spending and start spending consciously? Ready to feel great about your purchases, instead of guilty? This workshop will put an end to “buyer's remorse” and walk you through the common pitfalls that lead to impulsive spending and how to avoid them.
(Value $297) Included with the Credit Card Cure

Bonus: 1

By enrolling in the Million Dollar Year today, you’ll get access to our entire step-by-step video course The $1,000 Month to help you increase your income by $1,000 a month even if you’re short on time, energy or ideas. 

The $1,000 Month

(Value $5000)

Included with the Million Dollar Year 

Bonus: 2

Ready to stop impulse spending and start spending consciously? Ready to feel great about your purchases, instead of guilty? This workshop will put an end to “buyer's remorse” and walk you through the common pitfalls that lead to impulsive spending and how to avoid them.

Quit Impulse Spending Workshop

(Value $297)

Included with the Million Dollar Year 

Bonus: 1

By enrolling in the Million Dollar Year today, you’ll get access to our entire step-by-step video course The $1,000 Month to help you increase your income by $1,000 a month even if you’re short on time, energy or ideas. 

The $1,000 Month

(Value $5000)

Included with the 
Million Dollar Year