Meet Your Hosts

Laurie-Anne King

Laurie-Anne is a financial expert and energy healer who runs two 7-figure companies. 

She elevates women+ from all walks of life into prosperity. 

Her holistic approach blends financial education with empowerment coaching. 

She helps women+ heal their money wounds and find a personalized path to financial freedom.

Think Like 
An Investor


How we help successful women+ understand the secret to investing...

Britt Baker

Britt is a Harvard Business School graduate, expert investor, and money mindset coach. 

She makes saving fun and getting out of debt possible for women+ of all backgrounds. 

She teaches personal finance through simple, easy to understand steps that make it possible for anyone to achieve their financial dreams.

DISCLAIMER: What you learn in this webinar will vary and depend on many factors, including but not limited to your level of participation, attention, and interest in the material. We hope you learn a lot, but there's no guarantee!
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Hi, we're Laurie-Anne & Britt,

Here’s the brutal truth about money...

If we can't manage $1,000, we can't manage $10,000. And if we can't manage $10,000, we definitely can't manage $1,000,000!

The thing is... to learn to invest money, first we have to address our relationships to money

You know - the thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that we ALL have about money. That we never talk about! 

We're giving away our bag of (almost totally non-technical) tricks that will show you exactly how to get your finances under control.

If you're serious about having financial freedom... learn these 3 steps, implement them in your life and watch your relationship with money soar!

Some women+ are embarrassed that they don't understand investing in the stock market.

Some women+ try to budget, but can't stick to it and blame themselves.

Some women+ are ashamed by how much student debt they have.

If this is you... it's NOT YOUR FAULT! No one taught us about personal finance or how to manage our money. 

But now it's time to take control... it's time to learn the secret to investing money... 

Using our "Aligned Money Method" - a simple, step-by-step approach to managing and investing money that we learned after years and years of practice...

How I went from $40,000 in 
debt to collecting money from 
my investments every month
Join us to learn the secrets to investing money that the wealthy don't want you to know about in this free MasterClass!
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I had not only saved up an emergency fund, but I invested for the first time in my life.

Michelle M. - Writer

By learning how to track my finances, I now have total financial clarity and peace of mind.

Danielle P. - Entrepreneur

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Join us to learn the secrets to investing money that the wealthy don't want you to know about in this free MasterClass!